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The Varchisa Story

The name ‘Varchisa’ was created and brought to life in a small, yogic Ashram on an island just off the coast of Croatia. Away from the external, technological and pressurised, stress-fuelled western world, the life and ethos of Varchisa fully bloomed. This escapism by one young woman to a stunning little island lead to the beautiful studio, mission and vision of the Varchisa Yoga and Meditation Studio.

The founder of Varchisa is former academic turned athlete turned yogi Victoria Gill, this is her story and her journey to committing her life to being a full time yogi and well-being practitioner.


My story of discovering the power of yoga and meditation began in 2010. Whilst completing my Masters Degree I was diagnosed with a condition in which my nervous system would incorrectly send pain signals to my brain. I already suffered with endometriosis so being in pain was a constant issue in my life.

Hatha Yoga

After surgery, counselling, medication and endless forms of treatment as a last resort my practitioner suggested I try something called ‘mindfulness meditation’ and ‘Hatha’ yoga to help with pain management. I was suffering so much I was open minded enough to try anything.


As a former dancer I was happy to try mastering the movement of a new discipline and I took the meditation CD’s given to me. This is where my love affair with yoga and meditation truly began. Learning how to meditate and becoming more mindful of myself both mentally and physically enabled me to heal myself into full recovery and I have not been affected by that condition ever since. By the power of meditation, asana practice and using the breath my nightmare was over.


Shortly after my recovery I started going to the gym and became highly engrossed with weight training and nutrition. Within just over a year I became a National Champion Bikini Fitness athlete which lead to me competing on and off for the next 4 years. Competing internationally for my country and winning further national titles, the demands of competing and setting up a personal training business left my yoga and meditation practice a little on the back burner as my stressful life as an athlete and coach started to take over.


By 2018 I was massively overworked, chronically exhausted and stressed, sad and terribly unhappy. I was working in an exceptionally toxic and hostile environment and the business I had at the time was growing at a rate I couldn’t keep up with by myself. I had what felt like everyone constantly demanding my attention and energy, I was constantly assessed based solely on what I looked like and my stress levels were way past the phrase ‘through the roof’. The amount of pressure I felt like I was under was completely suffocating me.

Changing my Life

The only person I wasn’t giving any attention or energy to was myself and I was really suffering. I had insomnia for over a year, anxiety that was so bad some days simply leaving the house felt like a huge task, I would repeatedly have panic attacks in the middle of the night and I was physically unwell. I constantly had stomach ache, my joints ached, my skin was terrible and my hormones were all over the place. Every day would end with me feeling nauseous, with headaches and sometimes vertigo. My body and my mind were completely out of balance. Something absolutely had to change. I highlighted everything in my life that was no longer feeding my soul and having felt like I’d been in that ‘rock bottom’ position 8 years earlier I returned to the things that I knew I needed back in my life. My beloved yoga and meditation. Three days later I flew to Croatia to stay on an Ashram for a month. This decision changed my life.

Inner Peace

My sheer love and contentment within yoga and meditation was reborn and strengthened even more so. Away from all forms of technology, outside influence and negative stress i’d finally found the path I had felt so lost in finding. I slept solidly every night, my anxiety and panic attacks disappeared, I no longer had stomach ache, vertigo or nausea and my hormones became effortlessly balanced. I had found my peace and decided I was doing the world abit of an injustice by not sharing this powerful way of life with others.

Guidance and Support

My hometown offers so little in the form of spiritual practice and yogic teachings and I felt I had a duty to bring more of this to our town with an open and authentic heart and give people the opportunity to find solace and expression within exactly what we offer here at Varchisa. Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual development you are trying to find, I promise with time you can find it through yoga. My mission is to build a community for all who are on their own journey of curiosity and discovery or for those who simply wish for calm, guidance and support, just as I did.

Change your Life

Yoga, meditation and a yogic lifestyle have changed my life on more than one occasion, now they are the fundamentals of my life I have committed myself to forever.
Please feel welcomed to my Varchisa studio and let its power change your life too.
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“I absolutely love that we have this in Doncaster. The studio is beautiful and perfect for yoga. The Yoga instructor Victoria is very warm and welcoming. Her knowledge, skills and calming nature is the perfect combination. Fully recommend this for all ages and abilities just brilliant.”
“Finally went to a yoga class for the 1st time, awesome experience, brilliant class, great instructor, was tight in places I never knew could get tight so hopefully this will help with my running, defo recommend to everyone.”