Varchisa Yoga Classes

We have a number of different Yoga Classes here at Varchisa. Each class has it’s own unique benefits, so feel free to read the descriptions of each class to see which style you feel is best suited to you.

Here we try and provide you a little more information on each style – if you are in any doubt which Yoga class is for you, just ask us and we are more than happy to go through your specific needs and requirements.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the term most frequently used to refer to yoga in general and is generally of a slow to medium pace. Often influenced by the personality of the teacher, Hatha encompasses postural work whilst focusing on the breath (pranayama), meditation and relaxation. Poses are usually held as individual postures as opposed to being part of a connected sequence as within Vinyasa classes.

Hatha is a great introduction to yoga for the beginner but is also a great class for intermediate and above students to monitor progression as adaptions can be given to suit every level. Fewer postures are held in comparison to Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes but involve more postures held for a shorter amount of time in comparison to Yin.

Combining a wonderful balance of strength and flexibility Hatha is a great class for those seeking good health and fitness. Expect to leave your Hatha practice feeling revived, refreshed and relaxed.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa, similar to Hatha, is an umbrella term used to refer to a dynamic yoga style. A continuous flow of postures, all effortlessly connected together to create a sequence, are followed. A more vigorous style of yoga, compared to Hatha and Yin, Vinyasa involves following many sun salutations as well as constant movement with postures held for shorter periods of time.

Within Vinyasa the movement is synchronised with the breath and you can expect to leave a Vinyasa practice feeling invigorated, with improved stamina and fitness as well as feeling a little bit sweaty. Unlike Ashtanga the choreography of Vinyasa frequently changes, so if you prefer variety and change within your practice Vinyasa may be the style of yoga for you.

Yoga For Sports/Training

Our yoga for sports and training assistance is a class designed to assist those who participate in sport or other forms of training. This class focuses entirely on postures which stretch and mobilise the muscles around specific joints commonly impeded through physical activity, e.g. the shoulders and hips.

Whether you’re an avid runner, powerlifter, cyclist, dancer, rugby player or committed gym goer this class will be your perfect companion for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Concentrating on strength, balance and flexibility this class is designed for sports populations by a National Champion athlete. Meditation and relaxation practices will also be sport and training specific.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beautiful yoga practice which involves much longer held, deep and restful poses which provides a complete contrast to the other styles of yoga. Yin Yoga is a restorative class which will leave you feeling restored and calm. This class doesn’t require you to push yourself to your absolute limit or push past your physical boundaries but to gently target the deep connective tissues around the joints whilst encouraging peace within the mind through great internalisation.

Most Yin classes involve all postures being practiced whilst on the floor either laid or seated. This style of yoga includes much fewer postures held for much longer periods of time in comparison to the other styles. This class is perfect for beginners, those going through rehabilitation of illness or injury or for those who simply wish to slow down, centre themselves and find a sense of calm.


Our specific mediation class, combined of guided and unguided visualisation and directed focus meditations, allows students to designate time specifically to meditation practice to help deepen the ability to quieten the mind and escape day-to-day stress. This class will also be ideal for those suffering from mental health implications and for those who simply wish to destress.

Meditation is included within all other classes however our specific meditation class will give you extended time to learn how to meditate and how this wonderful practice can truly transform your life. This class is suitable for all.


Our beginner class is an introductory class and perfect for those who; are brand new to yoga, who only practice once a week or are recently recovering from illness and injury. This class aims to build the foundation strength and fitness required for the higher level classes as well as begin to lengthen and stretch the muscles around the joints which commonly lack flexibility from modern day life e.g. the shoulders, hips and knees.

Emphasis on alignment is given precedence within this class and the importance of spinal alignment emphasised. Yoga philosophy will be introduced within this class as well as beginner level mediation and relaxation practices. The style of the Yoga 1 class will include a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin but will be defined based on ability. This will allow students to begin to learn which styles they prefer and are most suited to and thus which classes in which they are able to progress to.


Our intermediate class is designed for those who; have practiced yoga before or have completed a sufficient amount of practice within our other classes, those who practice more than once a week and have an average to good level of fitness. More difficult and challenging postures will be introduced as well as more in depth yoga philosophy, meditation and relaxation practices.

A range of styles will be incorporated into the intermediate class inclusive of Hatha, Vinyasa and an introduction to Ashtanga allowing students to be exposed to a variety of challenges and broaden their experience.


Our YogaFlex class is a class based on building strength and stability. Expect to raise your heart rate and use your bodily strength during this class. Working on upper body, lower body and core strength this class uses a dynamic variety of yoga poses to improve muscle tone and fitness using your own body weight.

Other Classes

As well as these specific types of Yoga, we also run classes for Sports people and yoga for kids.

Timetable and Passes


Below is our current timetable and listing of passes for the studio. If there are no classes showing, then it means that there are no more classes running for today. If you click on the next day in the calendar (or the date that you require), then the classes available for that day will be shown.

“You can tell Vic has really dedicated herself to her practice and it comes across in her classes. Fun, a challenge and ever so relaxing. Can’t wait to go back.”
“I went to the beginner class this morning it’s was fabulous. Beautiful studio and Victoria is amazing I will be going again x Thank you Victoria your explanation of the different types of yoga was very informative”