February – Our month of building self-confidence

Following January, our month of yoga and goal setting, throughout the whole of February we have been working with our wonderful Varchisa Studio students on self-confidence through yoga and how to show compassion and love to ourselves just as we do towards others!

The first half of our month

The first half of our month started with teaching our clients that instead of striving for perfection to strive for the completion of our aims, goals and wishes. Perfect simply doesn’t exist, a never-ending chase of an illusion. Spending time aiming for perfection usually leads to frustration, feelings of failure and self-doubt towards our capabilities.

Sometimes we actually actively avoid even starting projects or activities towards self-development through fear of things not being a complete reflection of perfection we have perceived within our minds. If we simply strive to get things done and complete we are more likely to feel successful and accomplished which in turn helps to build our self-confidence. Small steps of completed action encourages our faith in ourselves and builds our self-confidence. You can do it! Just take a step forwards! Even if it’s one two at a time!

Once we are able to let go of fear; fear of failure, fear of what others think, fear of being worse off, we free our minds and head space to taking action towards things, people, activities amongst many other things that fulfil our hearts with gratitude and contentment.

The second half of the month

The second half of the month ended with us taking our students through a visualisation meditation to consider how we treat ourselves in comparison to others around us who we love so deeply, a mediation called ‘the mirrored self’. Could you treat yourself a little better? And not through materialistic methods but through self-care, through such as more sleep, better nourishment, more rest, more activity, more positive self talk, more compassion and kindness?

By viewing ourselves subjectively we are able to gain significant insight into how we treat ourselves. Do you love yourself unconditionally in the same way you do those around you? We encouraged our students to also visualise the one person they love the most in the world and to take any feelings that arose within the mind into their own hearts and towards themselves. You are allowed to love yourself, we just live in a society that financially benefits from you not doing so.

If you are able to show other people and animals unconditional love, you have the ability to show this towards yourself. Comparison was also a lesson to our students and that there is no benefit or positive contribution to our lives by comparing our own to others’. Concentrate on your own self-development, comparison simply does not serve you.